Hello world

My name is Karol Woltemar. I am marketing, web and e-commerce expert with over 20 years of work experience. I founded few projects and traveled around the world by bike as cycling is my hobby.

List of doing since 2000

  • Lecturer in IT – mostly focused on web, Microsoft and Adobe software products with light focus on webdesign.
  • Worked as front-end web developer, webdesigner and UX/UI specialist on fulltime base with own freelance work when freelancing was not popular.
  • Moved from web development to SEO and marketing in year 2007 as a fulltime professional and contractor.
  • Build simple presentations website and blog in slovak language to keep contacts.
  • Founded Folcon – consulting company with focus on SEO, online marketing & business strategy with over 10 years track log in industry.
  • Traveled around the world by bike 2013 – 2016
  • Founded online marketing agency Madviso in 2016.
  • Founded Midasto Ecommerce software that providing SaaS e-commerce solution and custom e-commerce solution in 2020.
  • Founded Trenujeme sports e-commerce founded in Slovakia as startup focused on cycling, triathlon and outdoor sports. In 2022 we expanded to Czech Republic known as Trenujemeshop.cz, but we plan to rebrand in future and expand our activities on EU markets.